OK, I picked up a 26" Current Fission Recirculating Skimmer for almost nothing. Yes, it is a cheep skimmer.

This is going on a 75 gallon tank with a 55 gallon sump.


I was going to do the thread wheel mod. The skimmer's recirculation pump currently has a "paddle impeller" which looks like it will break up the bubbles a bit more than a standard impeller, but not as good as a needle wheel.


For a feed pump I was going to use an external Iwaki 2 and feed it through a bulkhead into the skimmer in the sump. Is that too much water going into the skimmer? I can tee it off and dump the excess flow back into the sump or through a reactor.

My main question is can I hook up a venturi to the skimmers main line and have 2 sources of air??? Or is that too much air??

Let me know your ideas of mods that would work well for this.